Auto Insurance

Car, RV, Motorcycle and Motorcraft

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The best way to avoid disaster is to insure your vehicle, whether it’s a car, boat, RV or motorcycle. Our agents can assist you with determining which auto policies are important for you and any other drivers in your family. At Taylor, Towson & Braddy, we can help further explain the differences in coverage options, and help you select the insurance policy that is tailored to your particular needs.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company protecting you against financial loss if you have an accident. Auto Insurance policies have different legal requirements for coverage that vary from state-to-state. It's essential that you consult an insurance agent to learn exactly what protection you and your vehicles need. Contact one of our agents to receive a quote.

A standard auto insurance policy will typically cover:

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance covers any damage to your motorcycle or by your use of your motorcycle. You cannot cover your motorcycle under an automobile policy. Even more important is the coverage the motorcycle insurance provides to protect you or the people who ride on your motorcycle with you. Protect yourself by carrying the correct amounts and types of motorcycle insurance.

A standard motorcycle policy will typically cover:

RV Insurance

Motor home owners need insurance to protect their asset in the case of fire, flood, theft, or any other damage. RV insurance provides protection if you cause injuries or damages to others, and it can also cover the cost of damages to your vehicle if a covered incident occurs. You can choose from coverages that will differ depending on how the RV is used- recreationally or as a full time residence.

The coverage cost depends on many different things including these common questions:

Watercraft Insurance

Boat insurance is a type of policy that covers watercrafts and their users against any misfortunes that may come their way in terms of accidents, liability, and vandalism. It doesn't matter whether you are responsible for the watercraft or if someone else is using it, your boat policy will cover you completely. One of our agents can offer you the best policy that will suit all of your needs.

A standard boat Insurance policy will typically cover: