Personal Property Insurance

Home, Condo, Renters, Dwelling/Fire and Personal Umbrella

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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against disasters. A standard policy protects the home itself and it's contents. There is no denying the fact that your most valuable asset in this world is your home. We strive to ensure that you do not enter a contract without sufficient knowledge of the extent of its coverage, compensation and settlement of claims. At Taylor, Towson & Braddy, we help you find the right insurance policy just for you. We will guide you through the different policy options and help you decide which insurance plan works best for you.

A Georgia homeowners insurance policy covers a wide range of risks including:

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is an important addition to your landlord's Homeowners Insurance policy. If you are renter, your house or apartment will probably be covered against theft or disaster. However, its contents may be excluded from coverage, leaving you responsible for their protection. Our insurance professionals can answer your questions regarding your particular needs. We provide renters insurance policies all across the state of Georgia. We have always believed in working for our customers and don't want to leave any stone unturned to earn your trust.

Types of damage typically covered by Renters insuance:

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is coverage that helps protect against losses and repair costs for a condominium unit. Condo insurance often provides protection for theft, vandalism, fire damage, water damage, and more. Their insurance might cover the building, commonly owned property, and liability insurance for the association. Condo policies help protect your personal property and the interior of your unit.

A standard Condo insurance policy will typically cover:

Flood Insurance

It's important to understand that the conventional homeowner's coverage is not sufficient to protect the home and belongings from water damage. The typical flood insurance policy doesn't remain restricted to floods only. It also covers damages that occur due to other natural disasters like storms, melting snow, inadequate drains or hurricanes. Let one of our trusted agents help with your policy needs.

A standard Flood insurance policy will typically cover:

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance is additional insurance to help protect you against major claims and lawsuits. Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your homeowners, auto, and boat insurance policies. It can also provide coverage not included by other liability policies. With umbrella insurance, you are assured of a policy that will cover injuries, lawsuits, your property and other personal liabilities that may present themselves along the way. You can also expect to be covered by the umbrella policy beyond the limits that are normally associated with other policies. Situations not covered by other policy types are extensively covered by the umbrella insurance.

A Personal Umbrella insurance policy will typically cover:

Dwelling/Fire Insurance

Dwelling fire insurance ensures that all dwellings on one's property are completely protected. This includes the home, garage, or any other structure, protecting then from several types of damages. A major benefit of this insurance policy is that is has all properties that have been rented to others covered. This type of policy is often used by property owners to cover a building that is uninhabited, as it does not cover protection for contents but rather for the structure itself. Taylor, Towson & Braddy can help you understand exactly what is included with your dwelling coverage, and determine what insurance types and addendums would be a good choice for you. Let one of our agents answers any questions you may have.

A standard Dwelling Fire insurance policy will typically cover: