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The professionals at Taylor, Towson & Braddy Insurance Agency take your business seriously. That’s why we personally handle each request for policy premium quotes. We provide policies to cover businesses of all sizes: from sole proprietorships to large corporations. Our professional agents will review the specific needs of your business and offer you the best available coverage, by the best insurer, at the best price.  Nothing is more important to your business than its assets. To adequately protect the assets of your business, consider the following types of Commercial Insurance Coverage and contact our team to professionally answer your questions.

Workers Comp Insurance

Workers' Compensation Insurance provides medical benefits and wage replacement to those employees who are injured at the workplace during the course of their employment. In exchange, the employee abandons the right to sue the employer for negligence that resulted in the injury. Maintaining worker's comp insurance is mandatory for employers in most states.

Workplace Safety Tips

Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Coverage is insurance covering commercial vehicles used in the daily operation of your business. Service trucks, delivery vehicles, and company-owned transport cars are all exposed to unforeseen hazards each time they enter the road. Many businesses can't operate without these vehicles. Make sure your company vehicles are sufficiently protected.

A standard business auto insurance policy will typically include:

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance is a type of coverage that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations. Along with Business Property Insurance, combined with liability coverage puts your mind at ease, allowing you to do what you do best; run your business.

A standard commercial liability insurance policy will typically cover:

Business Owner's Policy

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is an enhanced insurance policy that combines general liability insurance and property insurance. Many business owners believe that if they have general liability insurance their own losses are covered, as well as the losses of their customers. A general liability policy doesn't protect you when it comes to your own property. If you want to protect your own property, consider buying a BOP.

Business Owners Policy premiums are dependent of:

Products Liability Insurance

Products liability coverage protects your company if someone sues you because the have been hurt during the use of your product(s). Product liability insurance provides any funds that may be owed should they win their case against your company. Product liability coverage assures you, the manufacturer, that the loss that may be come with a law suit will not damage your company.

Product Liability will typically cover:


Bonding Insurance is like another type of coverage on an insurance plan. They guarantee payment when conditions aren’t fulfilled according to the terms in a signed contract. When customers of any business or contractor feel they have received inadequate service or harmed in any way by the work done by the company, they would have the option of making a claim against the bond purchased by the contractor.

Industries most commonly requiring contractors to be bonded:

Umbrella Liability

Some claims cannot be settled by the coverage provided by Auto Liability, Employers Liability and General Liability. In such a scenario, your financial security will be a risk. Although this occurrence is rare, it's important to have a Commercial Umbrella Liability policy. Just as its name implies, the umbrella liability policy covers you against any claims irrespective of the amount.

A standard Umbrella Liability Insurance policy will typically help cover:

Real Estate

Real Estate Insurance is usually needed by those who own properties that they rent to their businesses or they maintain for their own use. Amongst the real properties that are covered by the particular insurance include factories and buildings since they are either commercially used by their owners are are rented to others for commercial use.

A standard Real Estate Insurance policy typically covers:

Non Profit

Since so many nonprofits are singularly focused on a particular cause, they often neglect to identify and protect against risks that could leave the organization and its board members and officers exposed. Just as any business or organization have risks, claims and threats of litigation can be from vendors, donors, competitors, employees and even government regulators.

Who needs Non Profit Insurance:

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