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The best way to avoid disaster is to insure your vehicle, whether it’s a car, boat, RV or motorcycle. Our agents can assist you with determining which auto policies are important for you and any other drivers in your family. At Taylor, Towson & Braddy, we can help further explain the differences in coverage options, and help you select the insurance policy that is tailored to your particular needs.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can help protect your loved ones financially in the event of your passing. It's impossible to say what type of life insurance is better because the kind of coverage that's right for you is dependent on your unique circumstances. Let one of our agents help you determine which type of coverage is best for you. We'll compare policies until we find the right policy for you.

Basic features of a life insurance policy:

Health Insurance

A health insurance policy is a contract between an insurance provider and an individual or sponsor, such as an employer. The contract can be renewed, or last for a lifetime if private insurance. The type and amount of healthcare costs covered by a health insurance provider are specified in writing in a contract or a coverage booklet. Let one of our agents find the right policy for you.

Some obligations you may have for the health insurance:

Pet Insurance

Advancements in veterinary medicine save more pets than ever, and those treatments can be really expensive. Pet insurance reimburses you for your cat or dog's unexpected medical bills. Pets deserve more. So we're giving you more resources to help them. With your Figo pet policy, you also receive the first-ever Pet Cloud with mobile app to manage your pet's life. For an average cost of $1.25 per day, Figo lets you take your dog or cat to visit any licensed veterinarian, specialist and ER in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico. Enrollment is easy and Figo's customer care team is accessible by phone, email, text, chat and Twitter. Give your entire family the protection they deserve.

Some features of the Pet Cloud include:

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance is additional insurance to help protect you against major claims and lawsuits. Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your homeowners, auto, and boat insurance policies. It can also provide coverage not included by other liability policies. With umbrella insurance, you are assured of a policy that will cover injuries, lawsuits, your property and other personal liabilities that may present themselves along the way. You can also expect to be covered by the umbrella policy beyond the limits that are normally associated with other policies. Situations not covered by other policy types are extensively covered by the umbrella insurance.

A Personal Umbrella insurance policy will typically cover:

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